Foaming Car Wash

Vaahtoava pesuaine, joka poistaa nopeasti arkiset epäpuhtaudet ja jättää raidattoman pinnan.

Available In Product Volume :

  • 2.5 litre

Puhdas maalipinta kuuluu olennaisesti autonhoitoon.

Foaming Car Wash -Auton vaahtopesu on helppokäyttöistä ja pH-arvoltaan neutraalia. Sen runsas vaahto hajottaa ja poistaa ajoneuvosta arkiset epäpuhtaudet.

Saadaksesi pitkäaikaisen kiillon viimeistele maalipinta Rapid Aqua Wax -Suihkutettavalla kiiltovahalla.

  1. Shake well. Pour 2 capfuls into a bucket and add 10 litres of water.
  2. Hose bodywork before you start to rinse away excess dirt. Always work on a cool surface, shampooing the car from the roof down. Do not allow the shampoo to dry on the car.
  3. Rinse well with clean water and dry with a Microfibre Drying Towel to prevent water spots. If you are using Rapid Aqua Wax, there is no need to dry the car.

Q: Is Foaming Car Wash wax and sealant safe?
A: Yes, Foaming Car Wash will not wash away or strip wax or sealants. 

Q: Is Foaming Car Wash PH Neutral?
A: Yes, Foaming Car Wash Conditioner is a PH neutral shampoo.

Q: Can I apply Foaming Car Wash through a pressure washer?
A: Foaming Car Wash can be applied through a pressure washer however you may like to use our bespoke product, the Autoglym Polar Series as an alternative as this has been specifically formulated for use with pressures washers. 

Q: Should I use warm or cold water with Foaming Car Wash?
A: You can use warm or cold water, whichever you prefer. Avoid very hot water as it can cause the shampoo to dry on the vehicle surface. 


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